About Jovan Brown 

I started writing under my parents' dining room table at the age of seven. Being on the 9th floor in the Bronx meant I had a bird's eye view of everything: the over worn mattress which flopped over bulky bags of trash, playful thrusts of water gushing from the busted fire hydrant water for a fountain, rusted over metal fencing, courageous pigeons, and the touch of rounded double dutch ropes to smoothed over cement.  


My environment became my muse and to write at the center of it meant that I was given a gift to see what others don't easily see or cannot be seen without a trained eye. 

My enthusiasm for the pen was displaced when I lost my mother; 2016 was a gruesome year. I struggled to put anything creative or worth reading onto paper. I smothered myself in academic writing to numb the sting that grief ushered into my life. I did not want to get too close to what would cause me to write about what I was really feeling.  

It was not until a friend invited me onto a book project that writing began to have the same affect it once had on the seven year old me. I dove head first into editing and one project became several projects. Several projects became my own book draft and that's when it hit me: I want to help others tell their unedited stories. 

Jo and Her Pen, LLC. (2018) was born out of the desire to help people write their most authentic stories and in turn, heal from what has quite possibly gotten in the way of their own personal and professional success. I'd like to think of myself as a 'writer's midwife' who commits to supporting writers in creating the best version of their stories and themselves, in the process.



Editing Projects


"Your level of intent, understanding, and true passion for writing are brilliant! Where I thought an editor would take my voice and make my book their own, you actually empowered me and helped me give life to the voice I thought I lost."



"I cannot say enough positive words about working with Jovan. Her editing was insightful, honest, and neither harsh nor delicate. Most of all I appreciated her thoughtful questions "what do you want to convey" and her encouragement throughout the process.

The experience was worth every dime."



"Jo and Her Pen, LLC. was a divine connection. My ideas, voice, and concerns were at the forefront always during the editing process of my poetry book, Broken Ballads. Her editing style and expertise nurtured my soul and allow my story to flourish on paper. I look forward to working with her on future projects.



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